Contributor Pan Jiaxun
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Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
95538群鬼2.0 (Ghosts 2.0) (Qungui 2.0)Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center21st January 2016Translator
95385群鬼2.0 (Ghosts 2.0) (Qungui 2.0)McaM (Ming Contemporary Art Museum)7th August 2015Translator
95384Ghosts 2.0Tokyo22nd November 2014Translator
95382群鬼2.0 (Ghosts 2.0) (Qungui 2.0)Shanghai14th November 2014Translator
95381群鬼2.0 (Ghosts 2.0) (Qungui 2.0)Beehive Theatre6th September 2014Translator
75391玩偶之家 (A Doll's House) (Wan’ou zhi jia)The National Theatre of China17th September 2006Translator
75394玩偶之家 (A Doll's House) (Wanou zhijia)Shanghai Spoken Drama Arts Center17th January 2001Translator
76166玩偶之家 (A Doll's House) (Wan’ou zhi jia)China Experimental Theatre1st April 1998Translator
84160Renmin gongdiNationaltheatret8th September 1996Translator
83976人民公敌 (An Enemy of the People) (Renmin gongdi)China National Experimental Theatre1st August 1996Translator
76232娜拉 (A Doll's House) (Nala)Xinming Theatre (Xinming xiyuan)5th May 1923Translator
75392玩偶之家 (A Doll's House) (Wan’ou zhi jia)Shanghai Spoken Drama Arts CenterDecember 2006Translator
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