Name_SORTNameEvent DatesEventsResources
Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater Schwerin1994 – 20054 
Moskva Kunstnerteater19053 
Melbourne Theatre Company1970 – 199815 
Mary Shaw Company19033 
Montreal Stage Society19181 
The Munroe Park Theater Guild20011 
Melbourne Fringe Festival20111 
Münchener Künstler-Theater19141 
Modern Stage19152 
Meadow Brook Theatre19721 
Mingei (People's Theatre)1953 – 20026 
MC2 Grenoble2013 – 201425 
Molde Videregående skole20131 
Mabou Mines2003 – 201135 
The Mountain Empire Community Theatre20071 
Münchener Ensemble (Direktion: Emil Meßthaler)18936 
Musikk i Nordland20061 
Mme Vera F Komisarzhevskaya Repertory19081 
Milwaukee Repertory Theater Company1971 – 20043 
Marked for Scenekunst20011 
The Moat Club20077 
The Morosco Company19043 
Shochiku (Mingei / Shochiku)19861 
Meininger Musikverein19201 
The Mask and Dagger Club Washington State College19161 
Madison Repertory Theatre19991 
Maastrichts Theaterensemble Het Vervolg19971 
Maison de la culture d’Amiens2013 – 201425 
Münchner Hoftheater-Ensemble19121 
Maddermarket Theatre Company2000 – 20022 
Mofeng she (Windmill Society)19351 
Das Meßthaler-Ensemble vom Neuen Deutschen Theater München18951 
Mario Michelli20101 
MGA Productions Limited19391 
Maxim Gorki Theater1967 – 201214 
Makhdoomi's Group20061 
Mezinárodní festival Divadlo20071 
Mockingbird Theatre20001 
The Montgomery Theatre20112 
Maurice Campbell's Company19053 
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