Name_SORTName FirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountryResources
Peer Gynt13th September 2002Kilchberg ZHSwitzerland 
Peer Gynt14th September 2002Küsnacht ZHSwitzerland 
Peer Gynt19th September 2002Schönenberg ZHSwitzerland 
Peer Gynt20th September 2002Klubhaus i Berlin-SpandauGermany 
Peer Gynt21st September 2002Borås Stadsteater (Stora Scenen)Sweden 
Peer Gynt28th September 2002Pfalztheater KaiserslauternGermany 
Peer Gynt30th September 2002Elgg ZHSwitzerland 
Peer Gynt4th October 2002Männedorf ZHSwitzerland 
Peer Gynt11th October 2002Stadttheater FürthGermany 
Peer Gynt18th October 2002Nemzeti SzínházHungary 
Peer Gynt25th October 2002Grusomhetens Teater (Hausmania)Norway 
Peer Gynt25th October 2002AppeltheaterNetherlands 
Peer Gynt2nd November 2002Dachsen ZHSwitzerland 
Peer Gynt2nd November 2002Theatre of the Riverside ChurchUnited States of America 
Peer Gynt16th November 2002Illnau-Effretikon ZHSwitzerland 
Peer Gynt17th November 2002Slezské divadlo OpavaCzech Republic 
Peer Gynt30th November 2002Schulhaus BuckSwitzerland 
Peer Gynt12th December 2002University of Freiburg AulaGermany 
Peer Gynt7th January 2003KattateatretNorway 
Peer Gynt8th January 2003Salmen Saal SchlierenSwitzerland 
Peer Gynt11th January 2003Primarschulhaus EichhaldeSwitzerland 
Peer Gynt - Ballett17th January 2003Theater BaselSwitzerland 
Peer Gynt23rd January 2003The Sacred Fools Theater (Mainstage)United States of America 
Peer Gynt30th January 2003Wasterkingen ZH DorfhuusSwitzerland 
Peer Gynt30th January 2003Musikhuset AarhusDenmark 
Peer Gynt4th February 2003Arcola TheatreEngland 
Peer GyntMarch 2003Théâtre de la GrangeFrance 
Peer Gynt4th April 2003Jewel Theatre, Center for the Arts, Luther CollegeUnited States of America 
Peer GyntMay 2003Théâtre 13France 
Peer Gynt10th June 2003BrekkeparkenNorway1
Peer Gynt15th June 2003Porsgrunn KulturskoleNorway 
Peer Gynt12th July 2003Schauspielhaus, Staatstheater StuttgartGermany 
Peer Gynt31st July 2003Friluftsscenen ved GålåvatnetNorway6
Peer Gynt1st August 2003Salzburger FestspielhausAustria 
Peer Gynt30th August 2003MargaretaparkenSweden 
Peer Gynt2nd September 2003Usine CCanada 
Peer Gynt12th September 2003Gundetswil ZH TurnhalleSwitzerland 
Peer Gynt19th September 2003Anne Gullestad-salen (Hordaland Teater)Norway 
Peer Gynt2nd October 2003Stadthofsaal UsterSwitzerland 
Peer Gynt4th October 2003Schauspielhaus HannoverGermany 
Peer Gynt10th October 2003Stadttheater LuzernSwitzerland 
Peer Gynt15th October 2003DR P2Denmark