Name_SORTNameFirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountryResources
Gengangere3rd January 1894Theatret i TrondheimNorway 
Gengangere26th April 1973Gol samfunnshusNorway 
Ghosts17th November 2005The Dionysus Theater's L'IL PEACHUnited States 
Gjengangere8th April 2005RaufossNorway 
Gnit15th March 2013Actors Theatre of LouisvilleUnited States 
Gespenster13th October 1993Ulmer TheaterGermany 
Ghosts5th February 1952The Kenneth Sawyer Goodman Memorial Theatre (The Art Institute of Chicago)United States 
Ghosts4th January 1976BostonUnited States 
Gedda Gabler12th June 2013Moskovski teatr na TagankeRussia 
Gespenster16th April 1946LinzAustria 
Ghosts16th February 1905AlcazarUnited States 
Ghosts4th April 2013Bas Bleu Theatre MainstageUnited States 
Gildet paa Solhaug27th October 1924FolkescenenDenmark 
Ghosts11th November 1903New Sedalia TheatreUnited States 
Gespenster12th February 1913Leipziger SchauspielhausGermany 
Gespenster8th June 2006Theater am StegAustria 
GHOSTS by Henrik Ibsen11th May 2017Globe TheatreNew Zealand 
Gespenster24th May 1998RuhrfestspieleGermany 
Gespenster11th December 2009Theater Alte OeleSwitzerland 
Gengangere20th March 1928Betty Nansen TeatretDenmark 
Gespenster13th February 2003Großes Haus at Theater HofGermany 
Gospođa s mora3rd June 1906Narodno pozorište u Beogradu (The National Theatre in Belgrade)Serbia 
Gengangere3rd September 1985Aulaen AIDNorway 
Gengangere12th April 1984Fredrikshalds TheaterNorway 
Ghosts26th April 1962Dean Crowe TheatreIreland 
Gjengangere5th May 2011Sjøborg kulturhusNorway 
Ghosts3rd December 1903AdrianUnited States 
Gengångare3rd April 1891Åbo Svenska TeaterFinland 
Ghosts12th December 1935Empire TheatreUnited States 
Gengangere5th March 1993Aarhus TeaterDenmark 
Gespenster24th June 1913Münchner KammerspieleGermany 
Ghosts15th March 2009The Pyrle TheaterUnited States 
Peer Gynt16th September 1970HavøysundNorway 
Gedda Gabler1916Maly Branch TheatreRussia 
Gespenster2nd February 2003ZDF, GermanyGermany 
Gespenster29th October 1936Stadttheater BernSwitzerland 
Gjengangere7th November 2017Kulturhuset Blå GrotteNorway 
Gespenster6th October 1975Münchner KammerspieleGermany 
Ghosts20th May 2011Hawk’s Well TheatreIreland 
Gjengangere1st May 2005SurnadalNorway 
Gespenster3rd March 2018KurtheaterGermany 
Ghosts26th July 2001Priestley Centre for the ArtsEngland