Name_SORTName FirstDate_SORTFirst DateVenue_SORTVenueCountryResources
An Enemy of the People5th November 2019Théâtre des CélestinsFrance 
An Enemy of the People7th November 2019Theatre Morin HeightsCanada 
An Enemy of the People4th December 2019Lilly Hall Studio TheatreUnited States 
An Enemy of the People17th January 2020Marshall Performing Arts Center - Dudley Experimental TheatreUnited States 
Halk Düşmanı (An Enemy of the People)27th January 2020Apartman SahneTurkey 
An Enemy of the People14th February 2020Arena Theatre, Moravian CollegeUnited States 
An Enemy of the People21st February 2020Herbst TheatreUnited States 
An Enemy of the People29th February 2020Gamut TheatreUnited States 
An Enemy of the People17th May 2020TorontoCanada 
An enemy of the people30th April 2021Alley TheatreUnited States 
A Lie Agreed Upon11th June 2021The Gamm TheatreUnited States 
Enemy of the People22nd June 2021Park Avenue ArmoryUnited States 
A Lie Agreed Upon30th September 2021The Gamm TheatreUnited States 
An Enemy of the People8th October 2021American Theatre CompanyUnited States 
The Enemy9th October 2021Beacon Arts CentreScotland 
The Enemy12th October 2021Dundee Rep TheatreScotland 
The Enemy20th October 2021King's TheatreScotland 
The Enemy27th October 2021Eden CourtScotland 
The Enemy3rd November 2021Perth TheatreScotland 
An Enemy of the People1st February 2022ADC TheatreEngland 
Varslaren (The Whistleblower)11th February 2022Krannert Center for the Performing ArtsUnited States 
An Enemy of the People6th May 2022Rubber City TheatreUnited States 
Naroden nepriatel (An Enemy of the People)9th May 2022Makedonski Naroden Teatar (Macedonian National Theatre)Macedonia 
Armiku i Popullit/Народен Непријател (Naroden Neprijatel)15th October 2022National Theatre of Tetovo (Teatri I Tetovës/Народен Театар во Тетово)Macedonia 
[An Enemy of the People] (Hebrew)31st July 1999Te'atron ha-Kameri shel Tel-Aviv (Cameri Theatre)Israel 
[An Enemy of the People] (Japanese)5th June 1991Kinokuniya HallJapan 
[An Enemy of the People] (Japanese)14th September 1999Theatre XJapan 
[An Enemy of the People]20th March 1998SeoulSouth Korea 
An Enemy of the People18th November 2010Hemingway TheatreUnited States 
The Enemy of the People27th February 1928Barnfield HallEngland 
The Enemy of the People3rd November 1992Agassiz TheatreUnited States 
An Enemy of the People - (Dr. Stockmann)22nd March 1968RashtIran 
An Enemy of the PublicFebruary 2017Te'atron ha-Kameri shel Tel-Aviv (Cameri Theatre)Israel 
An Enemy of the Pueblo19th October 2017CASA 0101 TheaterUnited States 
The Enemy10th November 2018Firehall Arts CentreCanada 
L'ennemi du peuple31st October 1990Théâtre Jean DuceppeCanada 
L'ennemi du peuple18th February 1899Théâtre de la RenaissanceFrance 
Un ennemi du peuple10th November 1893Bouffes du NordFrance1
Un ennemi du peuple8th December 1893Théâtre Royal du ParcBelgium 
Un ennemi du peuple21st December 1893Grand ThéâtreNetherlands 
Un ennemi du peuple14th March 1894AntwerpenBelgium 
Un ennemi du peuple3rd February 1895Belgian and provinsen-HainautBelgium