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AddressR. Amador Bueno, 188 - Centro, Santos, Brazil
NotesThe Portuguese Cultural Center is an entity formed by Portuguese immigrants and is located in the city of Santos, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. Its creation in 2010 resulted from the merger between the Centro Portuguese de Santos, established in 1895, and the Sociedade União Portuguesa, founded in 1928. Originally called Real Centro Portuguese, the association was founded on December 1, 1895, during a ceremony held at the Guarany Theater. Its purpose was to offer educational, literary, recreational, and social activities to Portuguese immigrants in the city. The centre's headquarters was built between 1898 and 1901, according to the project of the Portuguese engineers Ernesto Maia and João Esteves Ribeiro da Silva, who designed the building in Portugal. The style chosen was neo-Manueline, which recreates the predominant architecture in Portugal during the Age of Discovery. This is reflected in the external decoration of the building, characterized by windows and portals, as well as in the decorated platband of the roof.
Latitude | Longitude-23.9362261 , -46.3268869
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