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AddressOstad Shahriar St, Hafez St, Tehran, Iran
NotesHafez Hall is the first theater hall that is designed to be moveable, it is located next to the northern side of "Ferdowsi" Hall and on a land with an area of ​​400 square meters. The structure was designed by Niloufar Niksar and Behrang Bani Adam is the architect of the project. This hall is a subset of Rudaki Cultural and Artistic Foundation. / In the structure of this hall, the necessary standards for modern and contemporary performances have been fully observed. This hall is made in Iran with the style of sandwich panel and with the design of light steels and fireproof and waterproof fabric cover for the roof of the hall. / The stage of "Hafez" hall with an area of ​​10.10 square meters has the possibility of changing the spectators' seats one-sided, two-sided, three-sided and four-sided, which has a capacity of 175 spectators in two-sided mode. / This hall has five elevators to change the scene and enhance the decoration and accessories. These lifts can lift 200 to 300 kg to a height of seven meters. This hall is illuminated with 35 projectors and its sound box and audio and video equipment are installed next to the light room on three floors and next to the make-up and management rooms and accessories warehouse. / Hafez Hall is one of the best black box halls located in the center of Tehran. / In the scene of this hall, there is also an invisible screen of 3.2 square meters that can go down to a depth of three meters. / The standards considered in this hall are different from the standards of other show halls, because this hall, due to its portability, is designed and built in the form of bolts and light steel, and it is possible to assemble the whole within 20 days. / This hall can be transferred to any geographical environment with a flat land with an area of ​​500 square meters. Due to its mobility, Hafez Hall can reduce part of the large demand of theater people in the whole country, and due to the lack of theaters in the provinces, it can also be used in rotation.
Latitude | Longitude35.7933995 , 51.4280903
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