Venue Sala Liedertafel
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AddressBucharest, Romania
NotesThe Liedertafel Hall was built in 1900 by a German society, near the corner of the street Edgar Quinet meeting Academia's Street. It took the place of the old Stavri Garden and of a domain belonging to Năsturel-Herescu. It was a place were not only theatre plays in German or Romanian were played, but also where a lot of other cultural events were organised (exhibitions, musical evenings etc.). The debut of the actor Radu Beligan was also registered here. After Dalles Hall was built, Liedertafel Hall visibly lost its significance, and after 1945 received a new name, Liberty Hall. It was demolished in order to be replaced by the new building of the Faculty of Architecture. / /
Latitude | Longitude44.4362237 , 26.100237900000025
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