Venue Teatrul "Muncă şi lumină"
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AddressBucharest, Romania
NotesTeatrul "Muncă şi lumină" (The Theatre "Work and enlightment"), whose name is dated in this form from 1941, functioned previously as Teatrul "Work and Good Moods", from 1938. It is part of a larger project, developed by Mihai Ralea at the end of 1930's, in order to organise the leisure time of the workers. / It was one of the four theatres subsidised by the state, together with the National Theatre, The National Opera and the Theatre "Liga Culturală" ("The Cultural League"). / Victor Ion Popa worked as a director at the beginning, but afterwards he became the manager of the theatre.
Latitude | Longitude44.4267674 , 26.102538399999958
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