Venue Compania Mărioara Voiculescu
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AddressBucurești, Romania
NotesCompania Mărioara Voiculescu was founded by Mărioara Voiculescu in 1912, but after two years, in 1914, she associated with another actor/director, Tony Bulandra, so that the theatre company itself changed its name to Compania Voiculescu-Bulandra, located in the building of Modera Theatre (Teatrul Modera). In 1916, the company is forced to stop its activity because of the war, but in 1917 it is reopened for a few months, as an initiative of its former manager, Mărioara Voiculescu, but it is once again forced to stop its stagings, because of the German authorities. In 1921 Mărioara Voiculescu manages to start again the activity at her theatre, but only up to 1925, when it definitively ends its activity. / /
Latitude | Longitude44.4267674 , 26.102538399999958
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