Organisation Theatret i Trondheim
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AddressPrinsens Gate 20, Trondheim, Norway
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  • Production Company
Events, Date
    • Production Company Gjengangere, Theatret i Trondheim, Trondheim, Norway, 21st March 1928
    • Production Company Gjengangere, Arbeidersamfundet, Bodø, Norway, 5th April 1928
    • Production Company Gjengangere, Arbeiderforeningens Lokale, Tromsø, Norway, 15th April 1928
    • Production Company Gjengangere, Malmklang, Kirkenes, Norway, 21st April 1928
NotesThis theatre building is the oldest stage in Scandinavia still in use. Throndhjems Theater made use of the building from 1861 until 1865, when the organisation went bankrupt. In the following years, the building was still used for performances, but without a residing theatre company (registered as Theatret i Throndheim). From 1911 until 1926 Trondhjems Nationale Scene was the resident theatre, and in 1937 Trøndelag Teater was opened. Throndhjems Theater and Trondhjems Nationale Scene are both considered antecedents of Trøndelag Teater, which is still the resident theatre of this building.
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