Organisation Compania Dramatică Bulandra
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AddressBucharest, Romania
  • Production Company
Function, Event, Venue, Date
    • Production Company, O casă de păpuşi, Teatrul Naţional Iasi, Iaşi, Romania, 12th March 1918
    • Production Company, Strigoii, Teatrul Naţional Cluj, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 3rd June 1922
    • Production Company, Strigoii, Teatrul Regina Maria (Opereta), Bucharest, Romania, 24th March 1927
NotesNot to be confounded with Teatrul Naţional Lucia Sturdza Bulandra, founded in 1947. Compania Dramatică Bulandra is an earlier theatre institution founded in 1914, whose activity ended shortly after the end of the World War II (23rd of August 1944) because of the newly installed Communist regime. / / Teatrul "Lucia Sturdza Bulandra" is the name of the former Teatrul Municipal (Municipal Theatre), where Lucia Sturdza Bulandra worked as a director from 1947 to 1961, when she died. / / Thus, what both Compania Dramatică Bulandra and its later "successor", Teatrul Naţional Lucia Sturdza Bulandra have in common is their manager, the same Lucia Sturdza Bulandra.
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