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AddressLondon, England
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  • Production Company
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    • Production Company
    • Hedda, Burgh House, London, England, 15th September 2013
    • Hedda, Sutton House, London, England, 17th March 2014
    • Hedda, Micklefield Hall, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, England, 22nd March 2014
    • Hedda, Dr. Johnson's House, London, England, 26th March 2014
    • Hedda, Canal House, Oxford, England, 29th March 2014
    • Hedda, Kenwood House, London, England, 31st March 2014
    • Hedda, Leighton House Museum, London, England, 1st April 2014
    • Hedda, The Foundling Museum, London, England, 5th April 2014
    • Hedda, Burgh House, London, England, 6th April 2014
    • Hedda, Fulham Palace, London, England, 10th April 2014
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