Organisation Actors Touring Company, Institute of Contemporary Arts
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Address12 Carlton House Terrace, London, England
  • Presenting Company
Events, Date
    • Presenting Company
    • Peer Gynt, Recreation Centre, Tolworth, Surbiton, England, 4th January 1985
    • Peer Gynt, The Rose Theatre, Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England, 8th January 1985
    • Peer Gynt, The Arena Studio Theatre, Wolverhampton, England, 10th January 1985
    • Peer Gynt, The Plough Theatre, Devon, England, 15th January 1985
    • Peer Gynt, School and Community College, Devon, England, 16th January 1985
    • Peer Gynt, The Strode Theatre, Somerset, England, 17th January 1985
    • Peer Gynt, The Trinity Theatre, Tunbridge Wells, England, 19th January 1985
    • Peer Gynt, Fareham and Gosport Drama Centre, Fareham, England, 24th January 1985
    • Peer Gynt, Epsom Playhouse, Epsom, England, 26th January 1985
    • Peer Gynt, Fermoy Centre, King's Lynn, England, 28th January 1985
    • Peer Gynt, Luton Library Theatre, Luton, England, 30th January 1985
    • Peer Gynt, Pendley Arts Centre, Hertfordshire, England, 31st January 1985
    • Peer Gynt, Stahl Theatre, Oundle, England, 1st February 1985
    • Peer Gynt, New Court Theatre, Christ's College, Cambridge, England, 5th February 1985
    • Peer Gynt, Caxton theatre and Arts Centre, Grimsby, England, 7th February 1985
    • Peer Gynt, Blackfriars Arts Centre, Boston, England, 9th February 1985
    • Peer Gynt, Stamford Arts Centre, Stamford, Lincolnshire, England, 16th February 1985
    • Peer Gynt, Old Town Hall Arts Center, Hertfordshire, England, 18th February 1985
    • Peer Gynt, Dovecot Arts Centre, Stockton-on Tees, Stockton, England, 21st February 1985
    • Peer Gynt, The Place Theatre, London, England, 25th February 1985
    • Ghosts or Those Who Return, Arcola Theatre Studio 1, London, England, 22nd July 2009
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