Organisation Det Norske Tegnspråkteater
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Events, Date
    • Presenting Company
    • Gengangere, Ål, Ål, Norway, 15th September 2000
    • Gengangere, Olavshallen, Trondheim, Norway, 18th September 2000
    • Gengangere, Arbeideren, Ålesund, Norway, 20th September 2000
    • Gengangere, USF Verftet, Bergen, Norway, 22nd September 2000
    • Gengangere, Drammens Teater, Drammen, Norway, 2nd October 2000
    • Gengangere, Ridehuset, Oslo, Norway, 23rd October 2000
    • Gengangere, Odense, Odense, Denmark, 28th October 2000
NotesChanged name to Teater Manu in 2004:
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