Event Haishang Furen (Lady from the Sea / 海上夫人)
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DescriptionTour / Shanghai, 7 Sept. - 10 Sept. 2017, / Hangzhou, 14 Sept. - 15 Sept. 2017, / Nanjing, 23 Sept. - 24 Sept. 2017, / Beijing, 27 Sept. - 30 Sept. 2017. / Part of a repeated performance / Ningbo, 2 Dec.- 3 Dec. 2017.
VenueNingbo Cultural Plaza Poly Grand Theatre, No. 1900 East Ningchuan Road, Ningbo, China
First Date2nd December 2017
Opening Night2nd September 2017
Last Date3rd December 2017
Primary GenreTheatre
514169Shu ChenShu Chen379ActorMrs. Ellida Wangel
514395Hao, ShanshanShanshan Hao379ActorHilde Wangel
514392Hu, JianJian Hu379ActorLyngstrand
514392Hu, JianJian Hu379ActorA stranger
514391Luo, EryangEryang Luo379ActorDr. Wangel
514394Sun, ShuyueShuyue Sun379ActorBolette Wangel
514393Wang, ZhaoZhao Wang379ActorArnholm
514164Zhang, KeKe Zhang389AdaptationAlso translator
426902Ibsen, HenrikHenrik Ibsen390Author
514167Han, JiangJiang Han395Conductor
514165Wang, YuanyuanYuanyuan Wang375Director
514166Tan, ShaoyuanShaoyuan Tan380Lighting Designer
514168Dong JinDong Jin384Producer
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Is Part ofHaishang FurenHaishang Furen (Lady from the Sea / 海上夫人)14464Meiqi-teatret2017-09-0798077
Production NationalityChina
Performance languageChinese
Event Identifier98927
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