Event Lille Eyolf
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VenueChristiania Teater, Stortingsgata 16, Oslo, Norway
First Date19th March 2013
Last Date21st March 2013
StatusProfessional Training Schools/Colleges
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
  • Web: Ibsen.net
454056Adriansen, Anne-Marie, Anne-Marie Adriansen379Actor
453125Altenborg, Mathilde, Mathilde Altenborg379Actor
454054Batt-Rawden, Felicia, Felicia Batt-Rawden379Actor
454057Benfaddoul, Sarah, Sarah Benfaddoul379Actor
454059Borgli, Marie Ballangrud, Marie Ballangrud Borgli379Actor
454058Eilertsen, Julian, Julian Eilertsen379Actor
454060Engnes, Selma Lund, Selma Lund Engnes379Actor
454061Engnes, Tora Lund, Tora Lund Engnes379Actor
454052Søbakken, Alexander Henie, Alexander Henie Søbakken379Actor
454053Vikhagen, Erlend Haugen, Erlend Haugen Vikhagen379Actor
454055Øglend, Kine Marie, Kine Marie Øglend379Actor
453330Engnes, Anne-Marthe Lund, Anne-Marthe Lund Engnes375Director
454049Flesvig, Espen, Espen Flesvig380Lighting Designer
454050Kjos, Liv Marie Zevenbergen, Liv Marie Zevenbergen Kjos380Lighting Designer
454051Øyen, Peder, Peder Øyen380Lighting Designer
426902Ibsen, Henrik, Henrik Ibsen386Playwright
Production NationalityNorway
Performance languageNorwegian
Further InformationLanguage: Norwegian / 3 Performances / Student Production. A joint project between students from 2 Class Plays and 1 Class Lighting and Stage at NISS. / Supervisor Lighting and scene: Mats Bergström
Event Identifier82671
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