Event Peer Gynt
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VenueTulane Theater, 6823 St Charles Ave, New Orleans, United States
First Date8th October 1908
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
  • Web: Ibsen.net
450165Andrews, William C.William C. Andrews379ActorA Buttonmoulder
450165Andrews, William C.William C. Andrews379ActorThe Strange Passenger
450165Andrews, William C.William C. Andrews379ActorMonsieur Ballon
450154Bernard, MaryMary Bernard379ActorMads Moen's mother
450161Browne, F. A.F. A. Browne379ActorA boy
450150Chapman, Frank C.Frank C. Chapman379ActorThe farmer at Hegstad
450144Frankenfield, LauraLaura Frankenfield379ActorMother Aase
450163Harcourt, FrancesFrances Harcourt379ActorAnitra
450167Howe, James G.James G. Howe379ActorSea Captain
450145James, AphieAphie James379ActorSolveig
450143James, LouisLouis James379ActorPeer Gynt
450166Jewel, AldenAlden Jewel379ActorA BailiffSheriff
450148Keefe, BelleBelle Keefe379ActorHelga
450157Leon, JosephineJosephine Leon379ActorHerd girlThree herdgirls
450153Robertson, JamesJames Robertson379ActorMads Moen's father
450164Sanderson, R. D.R. D. Sanderson379ActorThe boatswain
450158Schaeffer, AnneAnne Schaeffer379ActorWoman in green
450156Scharff, ElsieElsie Scharff379ActorHerd girlThree herdgirls
450162Scott, Richard I.Richard I. Scott379ActorHerr Trumpeterstraale
450149Sweet, NormanNorman Sweet379ActorAslak
450146Walton, KraftKraft Walton379ActorHerr von Eberkopf
450146Walton, KraftKraft Walton379ActorThe Strange Passenger
450160Walton, VeraVera Walton379ActorAn Ugly Child
450147Warren, MargaretMargaret Warren379ActorA WomanStranger Wife
450155Webster, MyrtleMyrtle Webster379ActorHerd girlThree herdgirls
450151Werner, IdaIda Werner379ActorIngrid
450152Weston, ArthurArthur Weston379ActorMads Moen
450159Young, J. ArthurJ. Arthur Young379ActorMr Cotton
450159Young, J. ArthurJ. Arthur Young379ActorThe Troll King
450143James, LouisLouis James375Director
426902Ibsen, HenrikHenrik Ibsen386Playwright
Production NationalityUnited States
Performance languageEnglish
Further InformationAlso performed by Van Ness Theater in San Francisco, California.
/ Source: Henrik Ibsen, Peer Gynt / Translated and Introduced by Rolf Fjeld, Second Edition, University of Minnesota Press, 1980
Event Identifier80758
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