Event Hærmændene paa Helgeland
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DescriptionPerformed 4 times from 01.01.1884. / Revived and performed 1 time on 02.09.1885. / Revived and performed 5 times from 04.10.1891. / Revived and performed 1 time on 07.02.1892. / Revived and performed 6 times from 28.09.1892.
VenueKomediehuset, Engen 39, Bergen, Norway
First Date1st January 1884
Opening Night1st January 1884
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
  • Web: Ibsen.net
439164Asmundsen, Jacob,Jacob Asmundsen379ActorÖrnulf of the Fjords
439478Halvorsen, Nicolai, Nicolai Halvorsen379ActorThorolf
439348Johannessen, Berent, Berent Johannessen379ActorGunnar
439172Juell, Mathias, Mathias Juell379ActorKaare the Peasant
427229Michelsen, Lars, Lars Michelsen379ActorSigurd the Strong
440089Thorsen, Karen, Karen Thorsen379ActorHjördis
439486Tollefsen, Didrikke, Didrikke Tollefsen379ActorDagny
426902Ibsen, Henrik, Henrik Ibsen386Playwright
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Hærmændene paa HelgelandHærmændene paa Helgeland1885-09-0278116
Hærmændene paa HelgelandHærmændene paa Helgeland1892-07-0278118
Production NationalityNorway
Performance languageNorwegian
Further InformationDebuts: Karen Thorsen in the role as Hjördis (01.01.1884); Mari Bjerke (later known as Mari Irgens-Hansen) in the role as Hjördis (04.10.1891); Lorentz Thyholdt in the role as Thorolf (28.09.1892). / Johanne Paulsen and Johanne Voss are identical. Didrikke Tollefsen and Didi Heiberg are identical. / Laura Gundersen was guest from Christiania Theater in the role as Hjördis on 02.09.1885. / Changes in the cast at the revival on 04.10.1891: Marguido Samuelsen took over the role as Örnulf. Severin Roald took over the role as Sigurd. Tobias Sørensen took over the role as Gunnar Herse. Kalle Løchen took over the role as Thorolf. Johanne Paulsen took over the role as Dagny. Gustav Thomassen took over the role as Kaare the peasant. / At the revival on 28.09.1892: Rasmus Rasmussen took over the role as Örnulf. Norstrand took over the role as Dagny.
Event Identifier78115
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