Event Kongs-emnerne
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VenueChristiania Theater, Bankplassen, Kristiania (Oslo), Norway
First Date11th December 1880
Last Date27th December 1880
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
  • Web: Ibsen.net
439190Abelsted, ChristianChristian Abelsted379ActorGuthorm Ingesson
439190Abelsted, ChristianChristian Abelsted379ActorSira Viljam
439265Berg, JeanJean Berg379ActorBaard Bratte
439265Berg, JeanJean Berg379ActorSigurd Ribbung
439347Bergh, -- Bergh379ActorGuthorm Ingesson
439171Brun, HansHans Brun379ActorGregorius Jonsson
434631Brun, JohannesJohannes Brun379ActorMaster Sigard of Brabant
439192Bucher, Ole JohanOle Johan Bucher379ActorIvar Bodde
439136Gundersen, Laura Sofie CoucheronLaura Sofie Coucheron Gundersen379ActorSigrid
439189Gundersen, SigvardSigvard Gundersen379ActorHaakon Haakonsson
429789Hammer, HjalmarHjalmar Hammer379ActorJatgeir
429818Hansson, Olaf MørchOlaf Mørch Hansson379ActorPaul Flida
435100Hansson, ThoraThora Hansson379ActorIngebjorg
430451Juell, Johanne RegineJohanne Regine Juell379ActorMargrete
439216Klausen, HenrikHenrik Klausen379ActorNikolas Arnesson
439249Parelius, SofieSofie Parelius379ActorThe Lady Ragnhild
439260Rasmussen, Mr.Mr. Rasmussen379ActorIngebjorg
439176Rasmussen, Peter LorentzPeter Lorentz Rasmussen379ActorMaster Sigard of Brabant
439176Rasmussen, Peter LorentzPeter Lorentz Rasmussen379ActorVegard Vaeradal
432562Reimers, ArnoldusArnoldus Reimers379ActorEarl Skule
432936Schanche, BerentBerent Schanche379ActorPeter
439191Selmer, JensJens Selmer379ActorDagfinn the Peasant
434288Wolf, LucieLucie Wolf379ActorInga of Varteig
439345Josephson, LudvigLudvig Josephson375Director
426902Ibsen, Henrik JohanHenrik Johan Ibsen386Playwright
Production NationalityNorway
Performance languageNorwegian
Further Information12 Performances / The play had clocks and world premiere at the Christiania Theater 17/01/1864 in Henrik Ibsen's staging: see separate record . / See also separate record of Bjorn Bjornson staging from 1888 . / piece was performed at the Christiania Theater in total 55 times (three times only Act 3) in the period 01.17.1864 - 01.10.1888. / Sources: T. Blanc - Henrik Ibsen and Christiania Theater 1
Event Identifier77940
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