Event Et Dukkehjem
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DescriptionTour: / Gilleleje Teater 25 September 1909. / Frederiksværk Teater 26 September 1909. / Hillerød Teater (September 1909, date unknown). / Holbæk Egnsteater (September 1909, date unknown). / Sorø Theater (September 1909, date unknown). / Länsteatern i Örebro (September 1909, date unknown). / Ringsted Teater 30 September 1909. / Complete touring list not obtained.
VenueGilleleje Teater, Gilleleje, Denmark
First Date25th September 1909
Opening Night25th September 1909
Primary GenreTheatre
Secondary Genre
    • Drama
  • Web: Ibsen.net
429327Frogg, Martha, Martha Frogg379ActorMrs. Kristine Linde
430766Konopka, Julinka, Julinka Konopka379ActorAnne Marie
432087Opsann, Aksel, Aksel Opsann379ActorDr. Rank
432557Reiersen, Stichler, Stichler Reiersen379ActorNils Krogstad
434720Tønder, Mathea Jacobsen, Mathea Jacobsen Tønder379ActorNora
434719Tønder, Theodor, Theodor Tønder379ActorTorvald Helmer
426902Ibsen, Henrik, Henrik Ibsen386Playwright
All events in this tour
Dukkehjem, EtEt Dukkehjem1909-0976071
Dukkehjem, EtEt Dukkehjem1909-0976905
Dukkehjem, EtEt Dukkehjem1909-0976904
Dukkehjem, EtEt Dukkehjem1909-0976903
Dukkehjem, EtEt Dukkehjem1909-09-2676073
Dukkehjem, EtEt Dukkehjem1909-09-3076072
Production NationalityNorway
Performance languageNorwegian
Further InformationThe company also performed The Feast at Solhoug and The Wild Duck on the same tour. / It has not been confirmed that the production premiered at Gilleleje Teater.
Event Identifier76906
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