Event A Doll's House
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VenueUnited States, United States, United States Of America
First Date9th June 1918
Primary GenreFilm
Secondary Genre
    • Film
488527Anderson, R.S.R.S. Anderson379ActorAnne MarieAnna, the nurse
488529Belle, TulaTula Belle379ActorThe Helmers' child
488525Cook, WarrenWarren Cook379ActorDr. Rank
522758Crompton, CharlesCharles Crompton379ActorKrogstadt child
488526Crosby, ZeldaZelda Crosby379ActorHeleneEllen, the maid
429170Ferguson, ElsieElsie Ferguson379ActorNora
488524Grey Terry, EthelEthel Grey Terry379ActorMrs. Kristine LindeMrs Linden
488522Herbert, HolmesHolmes Herbert379ActorTorvald Helmeras H.E. Herbert
522456Redmond, DouglasDouglas Redmond379ActorKrogstadt child
488523Shannon, AlexAlex Shannon379ActorNils Krogstad
488528Ward, IvyIvy Ward379ActorThe Helmers' child
489838Maigne, CharlesCharles Maigne389Adaptation
522757Carré, BenBen Carré376DesignerSet design
522757Carré, BenBen Carré375DirectorArt direction
433765Tourneur, MauriceMaurice Tourneur375Director
426902Ibsen, HenrikHenrik Ibsen386Playwright
Production NationalityUnited States of America
Performance languageEnglish
Further Informationsf / 563 / Silent Movie with English intertitles; / Run time: 50min; / Black and White movie : Five reels / 4576 feet. / / Famous Players-Lasky Corporation production; / Distributed by Famous Players-Lasky Corporation [Artcraft Pictures]. / Cinematography by John van den Broek. / Presented by Adolph Zukor. / © 22 May 1918 by Famous Players-Lasky Corporation [LP12455]. / Released 2 June 1918. / Standard 35mm spherical 1.33:1 format. / The production was shot at the Famous Players-Lasky studio in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Some location photography was shot in Maine. / / Screenplay: Charles Maigne, Maurice Tourneur. Release Dates: Sweden, 1 September 1919; Denmark, 24 November 1919.
Event Identifier76133
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