Event Nora - Aruiwa, Ningyō no Ie (「ノラーあるいは、人形の家)
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Description`Nora - Or A Doll's House' will be performed at the Seisenkai Nohgaku Training Center in Tokyo from May 23rd to 26th, and at the ACM Theater at Art Tower Mito in Ibaraki on June 1st and 2nd. This is the latest work by Fukasaku-gumi, which has been performing German plays from 2021 to last year under the title ``Fukasaku-gumi German Trilogy'' and ``New German Trilogy.'' Ibsen's ``A Doll's House,'' which was translated into German by Marie von Borch, is translated by Tamaki Okawa and set in modern times, and Kenta Fukasaku directs.
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