Event Peer Gynt
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VenueUnited States, United States, United States Of America
First Date25th August 1941
Primary GenreFilm
Secondary Genre
    • Film
525379Andrews, RoseRose Andrews379ActorAnitra
525380Badgerow, AliceAlice Badgerow379ActorHerd girl
525381Ball, AntyAnty Ball379ActorHerd girl
525378Barton, BettyBetty Barton379ActorIngrid
522813Blair, ThomasThomas Blair379ActorA Lean Person
522813Blair, ThomasThomas Blair379ActorA ButtonmoulderButton maker
522555Bradley, DavidDavid Bradley379ActorHerr Trumpeterstraale
522555Bradley, DavidDavid Bradley379ActorA Bailiff
525382Bushman, Francis X.Francis X. Bushman379Actor(1965 rerelease) (voice)
525383Cooper, RobertRobert Cooper379ActorA man in mourning
525384Eckhart, AlanAlan Eckhart379ActorMads Moen
525385Eggert Jr., RoyRoy Eggert Jr.379ActorThe Troll King
525385Eggert Jr., RoyRoy Eggert Jr.379ActorA Priest
525385Eggert Jr., RoyRoy Eggert Jr.379ActorMonsieur Ballon
522808Elfstrom, KatherineKatherine Elfstrom379ActorSolveig
522557Hanisee, BettyBetty Hanisee379ActorMother Aase
525386Heston, AlanAlan Heston379ActorAn Ugly Child
522556Heston, CharltonCharlton Heston379ActorPeer Gynt
522812Hyde, Mrs. HerbertMrs. Herbert Hyde379ActorA WomanOld woman
525392Jerrard, JohnJohn Jerrard379ActorTroll courtier
525387Maynard, RodRod Maynard379ActorA boy
525388McKenzie, WarrenWarren McKenzie379ActorMacPherson
525389Merrill, SarahSarah Merrill379ActorWoman in greenWoman in Green, as a Hag
525377Moll, George B.George B. Moll379ActorDrunk
525377Moll, George B.George B. Moll379ActorChief Eunuch
522809Paetow, CharlesCharles Paetow379ActorAslak
522811Powell, LucielleLucielle Powell379ActorKari
522810Straub, SueSue Straub379ActorA WomanOld woman
525390Wedlock, AudreyAudrey Wedlock379ActorWoman in green
525391Wilimovsky, JaneJane Wilimovsky379ActorA WomanOld Woman
522814Wilson, MorrisMorris Wilson379ActorThe farmer at Hegstad
525393Hyde, SallySally Hyde387Costume Designer
522555Bradley, DavidDavid Bradley375Director
426902Ibsen, Henrik JohanHenrik Johan Ibsen386Playwright
522555Bradley, DavidDavid Bradley384Producer
Production NationalityUnited States of America
Performance languageEnglish
Further InformationRun time: 100 (85 ? ) min. / Silent film with English intertitles. / Black and White film. / A black and white amateur 16 mm film adaptation created as a university project featuring 17-year old Charlton Heston in his film debut. / / Camera: David Bradley; Richard Roth; Robert Cooper. / / Reedited and revised version with new material and voice of Francis X. Bushman in 1965. Writing Credits: David Bradley. Distributors: Brandon Films.
Event Identifier100674
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