Contributor Wei Luo
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Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
100550Wan’ou Zhijia (A Doll's House / 玩偶之家)Guójiā Dàjùyuàn (National Centre for the Performing Arts / 国家大剧院)25th August 2020Actor
99745Wan’ou Zhijia (A Doll's House / 玩偶之家)Hainan Centre for the Performing Arts21st July 2018Actor
99742Wan’ou Zhijia (A Doll's House / 玩偶之家)Fujian Experimental Min Opera Theatre14th July 2018Actor
99744Wan’ou Zhijia (A Doll's House / 玩偶之家)Changchun Public Theatre5th July 2018Actor
99747Wan’ou Zhijia (A Doll's House / 玩偶之家)Meng Minwei Concert Hall29th June 2018Actor
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