Contributor Stathis Voutos
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Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameAddressFirst DateFunctionCharacter
98374Enas echthros tou laouAthens, Greece30th December 1981ActorBilling
98373Enas echthros tou laouKarpenisi, Spercheiada, Malaisina and ot, Greece14th December 1981ActorBilling
98372Enas echthros tou laouEvia, Greece13th December 1981ActorBilling
98371Enas echthros tou laouGail of Chalkida, Greece11th December 1981ActorBilling
98370Enas echthros tou laouThiva, Greece15th November 1981ActorBilling
98369Enas echthros tou laouGravia, Greece14th November 1981ActorBilling
98368Enas echthros tou laouAmfissa, Greece13th November 1981ActorBilling
98367Enas echthros tou laouGreece12th November 1981ActorBilling
98366Enas echthros tou laouLivadeia, Greece11th November 1981ActorBilling
98364Enas echthros tou laouLamia, Greece30th October 1981ActorBilling
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