Contributor Percy H. Vernon
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Events, Date
Event NameAddressFirst DateFunctionCharacter
A Doll's HouseSt Leonard's Place, York, England1st June 1908ActorNils Krogstad
RosmersholmOxford Street, Manchester, England29th May 1908ActorUlrik Brendel
The Master BuilderOxford Street, Manchester, England27th May 1908ActorKnut Brovik
A Doll's HouseOxford Street, Manchester, England26th May 1908ActorNils Krogstad
Hedda GablerOxford Street, Manchester, England25th May 1908ActorJudge Brack
Hedda GablerS King St, Dublin, Ireland13th May 1908ActorJudge Brack
The Master Builder S King St, Dublin, Ireland11th May 1908ActorKnut Brovik
A Doll's HouseLeamington, England11th March 1908ActorNils Krogstad
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