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Events, Date
Event NameAddressFirst DateFunctionCharacter
The Master BuilderGeorge Street, Hull, England10th June 1913ActorRagnar Brovik
The Wild Duck55 Norfolk Street, Sheffield, England30th May 1913ActorGregers Werle
A Doll's HouseSawclose, Bath, England3rd May 1909ActorDr. Rank
A Doll's HouseSauchiehall Street, Glasgow, Scotland29th March 1909ActorDr. Rank
Love's ComedyPeter Street, Manchester, England22nd February 1909ActorLind
The Master BuilderCookridge Street, Leeds, England20th February 1909ActorRagnar Brovik
RosmersholmCookridge Street, Leeds, England19th February 1909ActorPeter Mortensgaard
Hedda GablerCookridge Street, Leeds, England18th February 1909ActorJudge Brack
The Master BuilderPeter Street, Manchester, England18th December 1908ActorRagnar Brovik
John Gabriel BorkmanPeter Street, Manchester, England17th December 1908ActorErhart Borkman
RosmersholmPeter Street, Manchester, England16th December 1908ActorPeter Mortensgaard
Hedda GablerPeter Street, Manchester, England15th December 1908ActorJudge Brack
RosmersholmBrighton, England7th December 1908ActorPeter Mortensgaard
The Master BuilderEdinburgh, Scotland24th August 1908ActorRagnar Brovik
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