Contributor Arthur McCulloch
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Events, Date
Event NameAddressFirst DateFunctionCharacter
A Doll's House117 Westgate Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, England21st March 1910ActorNils Krogstad
A Doll's HouseChurch Street, Eccles, England7th February 1910ActorNils Krogstad
A Doll's HouseSauchiehall Street, Glasgow, Scotland29th March 1909ActorNils Krogstad
Love's ComedyPeter Street, Manchester, England22nd February 1909ActorStraamand
The Master BuilderCookridge Street, Leeds, England20th February 1909ActorDr. Herdal
RosmersholmCookridge Street, Leeds, England19th February 1909ActorKroll
The Master BuilderPeter Street, Manchester, England18th December 1908ActorDr. Herdal
A Doll's HousePeter Street, Manchester, England14th December 1908ActorNils Krogstad
The Master BuilderSussex Street, Middlesbrough, England22nd July 1907ActorDr. Herdal
The Master BuilderSmithy Street, Manchester, England22nd April 1907ActorDr. Herdal
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