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Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameAddressFirst DateFunctionCharacter
96978Hedda GablerLeidseplein 26, Amsterdam, Netherlands8th May 2017Producer
96977Hedda GablerBernhardplein 10, Den Helder, Netherlands6th May 2017Producer
96976Hedda GablerWaagplein 1, Purmerend, Netherlands3rd May 2017Producer
96975Hedda GablerSint Jorisweg 76, Dordrecht, Netherlands2nd May 2017Producer
96974Hedda GablerStadserf 1, Schiedam, Netherlands29th April 2017Producer
96973Hedda GablerVan Claudius Prinsenlaan 8, Breda, Netherlands28th April 2017Producer
96972Hedda GablerBlijmarkt 25, Zwolle, Netherlands26th April 2017Producer
96971Hedda GablerSchouwburgplein 25, Rotterdam, Netherlands21st April 2017Producer
96970Hedda GablerWilsonsplein 23, Haarlem, Netherlands20th April 2017Producer
96969Hedda GablerZuideinde 70, Meppel, Netherlands19th April 2017Producer
96968Hedda GablerBurgwal 84, Kampen, Netherlands18th April 2017Producer
96967Hedda GablerAmstelveen, Netherlands14th April 2017Producer
96966Hedda GablerGrote Markt 32, Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands12th April 2017Producer
96965Hedda GablerParade 23, Den Bosch, Netherlands11th April 2017Producer
96964Hedda GablerKorte Voorhout 3, The Hague, Netherlands7th April 2017Producer
96963Hedda GablerCanadaplein 2, Alkmaar, Netherlands6th April 2017Producer
96962Hedda GablerBurgemeester Wuiteweg 24, Drachten, Netherlands5th April 2017Producer
96961Hedda GablerTurfsingel 86, Groningen, Netherlands4th April 2017Producer
96960Hedda GablerHet Rond 2, Zeist, Netherlands1st April 2017Producer
96959Hedda GablerVelperbinnensingel 10, Arnhem, Netherlands31st March 2017Producer
96958Hedda GablerKeizer Karelplein 32H, Nijmegen, Netherlands30th March 2017Producer
96957Hedda GablerPlantsoen 3,, Wageningen, Netherlands29th March 2017Producer
96956Hedda GablerWenninkgaarde 40-42, Enschede, Netherlands23rd March 2017Producer
96955Hedda GablerTheaterpad 1, Eindhoven, Netherlands22nd March 2017Producer
96954Hedda GablerBoelekade 67, Gouda, Netherlands21st March 2017Producer
96953Hedda GablerSchouwburgring 1, Tilburg, Netherlands17th March 2017Producer
96952Hedda GablerWeiersstraat 1, Assen, Netherlands16th March 2017Producer
96951Hedda GablerSint Agnietenstraat 2, Tiel, Netherlands15th March 2017Producer
96950Hedda GablerOude Vest 43, Leiden , Netherlands14th March 2017Producer
96949Hedda GablerBurgemeester van Grunsvenplein 145, Heerlen, Netherlands11th March 2017Producer
96948Hedda GablerAsvest 1, Delft, Netherlands10th March 2017Producer
96947Hedda GablerNicolaasstraat 3, Zaandam, Netherlands9th March 2017Producer
96946Hedda GablerChurchillplein 1, Apeldoorn, Netherlands8th March 2017Producer
96844Hedda GablerLucasbolwerk 24, Utrecht, Netherlands2nd March 2017Producer
96945Hedda GablerStadsplein 6, Nieuwegein, Netherlands25th February 2017Producer
Contributor Identifier510767