Contributor Mairi Krontira
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Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
96197Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)Laïko Theatro Pagkratiou (Popular Theatre of Pangrati / Λαϊκό Θέατρο Παγκρατίου)30th July 1935Actor
96156Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)Theatro Pantheon27th July 1934Actor
96155Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)Theatro Arni10th May 1934Actor
96051Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)Theatro Arni13th November 1933Actor
96024Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)Theatro Kentrikon (Central Theater / Θέατρο Κεντρικών)3rd February 1933Actor
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