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NotesTitu Maiorescu is one of the most important cultural personalities of Romania. He was academician, lawyer, literary critic, essayist, philosopher, teacher, politician, writer, Prime-Minister of Romania between 1912-1914, minister and founding member of the Romanian Academia. He is extremely known as a founding member of the Cultural Society "Junimea", where the most important writers of the epoch met and read their texts, as well as for his sociological theory of the "appearances without substance" ("teoria formelor fără fond") which represented the background of the political " junimism" (cultural trend created/transmitted by the members of "Junimea" through their literary works).
Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
93651Micul EyolfTeatrul Popular18th October 1924Translator
93646Copilul lui EyolfSocietatea pentru învăţătura poporului român25th May 1895Translator
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