Contributor Rebecca Lenkiewicz
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Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
99853An Enemy of the PeopleNottingham Playhouse13th September 2019Adaptation
99891An Enemy of the PeopleThe Quay Theatre10th September 2019Adaptation
100051An Enemy of the PeopleThe Moat Theatre7th June 2019Adaptation
100050An Enemy of the PeopleCMWS Hall Kildare4th March 2019Adaptation
99462An Enemy of the PeopleSpringfield Contemporary Theatre11th May 2018Adaptation
99056An Enemy of the PeopleThe College of Charleston Department of Theatre and Dance22nd February 2018Adaptation
98164An Enemy of the PeopleThe Pear Avenue Theatre19th October 2017Adaptation
97730An Enemy of the PeopleTheatro Technis13th June 2017Adaptation
91151An Enemy of the PeopleThurber Theatre, Ohio State University5th November 2015Adaptation
94052An Enemy of the PeopleSamuel J. Friedman Theatre27th September 2012Adaptation
92881An Enemy of the PeopleLichfield Garrick Theatre3rd February 2010Adaptation
93055Ghosts or Those Who ReturnArcola Theatre Studio 122nd July 2009Adaptation
92117An Enemy of the PeopleArcola Theatre Studio 11st April 2008Adaptation
97677An Enemy of the PeopleThe James Bridges Theater at UCLAApril 2014Adaptation
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