Contributor Rebecca Lenkiewicz
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Events, Date
Event NameAddressFirst DateFunctionCharacter
An Enemy of the PeopleWellington Circus, Nottingham, England13th September 2019Adaptation
An Enemy of the People302 E Pershing St, Springfield, United States11th May 2018Adaptation
An Enemy of the People66 George St, Charleston, United States22nd February 2018Adaptation
An Enemy of the People1220 Pear Avenue, Mountain View, United States19th October 2017Adaptation
An Enemy of the People26 Crowndale Rd, London, England13th June 2017Adaptation
An Enemy of the People1849 Cannon Drive, Columbus, United States5th November 2015Adaptation
An Enemy of the People261 West 47th Street, New York, United States27th September 2012Adaptation
An Enemy of the PeopleCastle Dyke, Lichfield, England3rd February 2010Adaptation
Ghosts or Those Who Return24 Ashwin St, London, England22nd July 2009Adaptation
An Enemy of the People24 Ashwin St, London, England1st April 2008Adaptation
An Enemy of the PeopleMelnitz 1409, Los Angeles, United StatesApril 2014Adaptation
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