Contributor Rahul Bagga
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Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
99537Peer GhaniPrithvi Theatre26th August 2018Actor
98401MareechhikaPrithvi Theatre24th September 2017Actor
98400Peechha Karti ParchhaiyaamPrithvi Theatre22nd September 2017Actor
98394Peer GhaniPrithvi Theatre21st September 2017Actor
98393Peer GhaniG5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture16th September 2017Actor
98392Peer GhaniSophia College10th September 2017Actor
96609Peechha Karti ParchhaiyaamExperimental Theatre, National Centre Performing Arts9th April 2017Actor
96608Peechha Karti ParchhaiyaamLaxmi Narayan Temple Complex2nd April 2017Actor
96607Peechha Karti ParchhaiyaamExperimental Theatre, National Centre Performing Arts3rd March 2017Actor
96606Peechha Karti ParchhaiyaamIndia Habitat Centre19th February 2017Actor
94804Peer GhaniPrithvi Theatre9th October 2016Actor
94803MareechhikaPrithvi Theatre8th October 2016Actor
94802Peechha Karti ParchhaiyaamPrithvi Theatre7th October 2016Actor
91436Peer GhaniPrithvi Theatre28th November 2015Actor
91040Peer GhaniSt. Andrew's Auditorium1st November 2015Actor
91121Peer GhaniTATA Theatre, National Centre of Performing Arts22nd October 2015Actor
90478Peer GhaniPrithvi Theatre28th August 2015Actor
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