Contributor Catherine Zimmermann
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FunctionsCostume Designer
Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
89284Peer GyntDinhard ZH Schulhaus26th March 2004Costume Designer
89282Peer GyntWinterthur (Sidi)15th March 2004Costume Designer
89283Peer GyntGemeindehaussaal13th March 2004Costume Designer
89281Peer GyntHausen am Albis ZH23rd January 2004Costume Designer
89280Peer GyntHotel Hirschen16th January 2004Costume Designer
89279Peer GyntSaalbau Reinach12th December 2003Costume Designer
89278Peer GyntSportzentrum Eselriet3rd December 2003Costume Designer
89277Peer GyntAnton Graff-Haus17th November 2003Costume Designer
89276Peer GyntKurtheater Baden7th November 2003Costume Designer
89274Peer GyntStadthofsaal Uster2nd October 2003Costume Designer
89273Peer GyntGundetswil ZH Turnhalle12th September 2003Costume Designer
89272Peer GyntWasterkingen ZH Dorfhuus30th January 2003Costume Designer
89271Peer GyntPrimarschulhaus Eichhalde11th January 2003Costume Designer
89270Peer GyntSalmen Saal Schlieren8th January 2003Costume Designer
89269Peer GyntUniversity of Freiburg Aula12th December 2002Costume Designer
89268Peer GyntSchulhaus Buck30th November 2002Costume Designer
89267Peer GyntIllnau-Effretikon ZH16th November 2002Costume Designer
89266Peer GyntDachsen ZH2nd November 2002Costume Designer
89265Peer GyntMännedorf ZH4th October 2002Costume Designer
89264Peer GyntElgg ZH30th September 2002Costume Designer
89263Peer GyntSchönenberg ZH19th September 2002Costume Designer
89262Peer GyntKüsnacht ZH14th September 2002Costume Designer
89261Peer GyntKilchberg ZH13th September 2002Costume Designer
89260Peer GyntStadttheater Sursee8th September 2002Costume Designer
89259Peer GyntWädenswil19th June 2002Costume Designer
89258Peer GyntTägerwilen27th April 2002Costume Designer
89257Peer GyntAdliswil25th April 2002Costume Designer
89256Peer GyntObfelden21st April 2002Costume Designer
89254Peer GyntStäfa11th April 2002Costume Designer
89253Peer GyntWinterthur-Veltheim5th April 2002Costume Designer
89252Peer GyntWinterthur ZH2nd April 2002Costume Designer
89251Peer GyntWinterthur (Sidi)7th March 2002Costume Designer
89249Peer GyntSaal Hotel Erlibacherhof6th March 2002Costume Designer
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