Contributor Harald Sæverud
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FunctionsComposer, Conductor
Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
101098Peer GyntGrieghallen (Klokkeklang)6th May 2021Musician
93575Peer GyntSaarländisches Staatstheater18th October 2014Composer
95310Peer GyntDR P215th October 2003Composer
86532Peer GyntThe Inner Stage, University of Guelph25th November 1990Composer
95309Peer GyntDR (Danmarks Radio)25th December 1960Composer
95070Peer GyntEngland30th December 1959Composer
94972Peer GyntOdense Teater13th January 1959Composer
95308Peer GyntDR (Danmarks Radio)22nd May 1956Composer
95482Peer GyntSveriges Radio P11st December 1955Composer
95426Peer GyntUpsala Stadsteater12th April 1955Composer
95425Peer GyntUppsala Stadsteater18th March 1955Composer
95498Peer GyntDen Nationale Scene2nd March 1954Composer
83066Fruen fra havetDen Nationale Scene25th October 1951Composer
95802Peer GyntUnion Theater2nd May 1950Composer
96943Peer GyntKoninklijke Schouwburg21st November 1949Composer
96942Peer GyntStadttheater Rendsburg1st December 1948Composer
96941Peer GyntStadttheater Sleswig30th November 1948Composer
96940Peer GyntDeutsches Haus29th November 1948Composer
96939Peer GyntGöteborgs Stadsteater22nd September 1948Composer
96990Peer GyntNRK Radio (Norge)25th April 1948Composer
96936Peer GyntDet Norske Teatret (i Stortingsgata)2nd March 1948Composer
96938Peer GyntKungliga TeaternOctober 1948Composer
Contributor Identifier470234
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