Contributor Jeffrey Hatcher
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Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
99552The League of YouthTrinity Parish Church6th July 2018Adaptation
96761When we dead awakenCommonweal Theatre14th April 2017Adaptation
88646The Master BuilderCommonweal Theatre16th April 2015Adaptation
85844A Doll's HouseCommonweal Theatre11th April 2013Adaptation
85850A Doll's HouseStoughton Opera House6th April 2013Adaptation
85849A Doll's HouseT.B. Sheldon Performing Arts Theatre23rd March 2013Adaptation
85848A Doll's HouseShattuck-St. Mary's21st March 2013Adaptation
85847A Doll's HouseChalberg Theatre, Central Lakes College16th March 2013Adaptation
85846A Doll's HouseThe Reif Center15th March 2013Adaptation
85845A Doll's HouseNorthland Community & Technical College14th March 2013Adaptation
93875Pillars of SocietyCommonweal Theatre6th April 2012Adaptation
93690An Enemy of the PeopleCommonweal Theatre14th April 2011Adaptation
93689An Enemy of the PeopleMitchell Auditorium11th April 2011Adaptation
93688An Enemy of the PeopleThe Reif Center8th April 2011Adaptation
93687An Enemy of the PeopleChalberg Theatre, Central Lakes College5th April 2011Adaptation
93686An Enemy of the PeopleFergus Falls Center for the Arts2nd April 2011Adaptation
93685An Enemy of the PeopleDetroit Lakes Community & Cultural Center1st April 2011Adaptation
93684An Enemy of the PeopleT.B. Sheldon Performing Arts Theatre29th March 2011Adaptation
93683An Enemy of the PeopleStoughton Opera House26th March 2011Adaptation
93682An Enemy of the PeopleNorth Fayette Community High School20th March 2011Adaptation
93681An Enemy of the PeopleLuther College17th March 2011Adaptation
93091John Gabriel BorkmanCommonweal Theatre9th April 2010Adaptation
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