Contributor Thomas Langhoff
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Events, Date
Event NameAddressFirst DateFunctionCharacter
BrandMax-Joseph-Platz 1,, Munich, Germany22nd October 2008Director
BrandMax-Joseph-Platz 1,, Munich, Germany1st February 2008Director
Klein EyolfMax-Joseph-Platz 1,, Munich, Germany24th May 2007Director
BrandMax-Joseph-Platz 1,, Munich, Germany24th October 2006Director
BrandMax-Joseph-Platz 1,, Munich, Germany13th April 2006Director
Die Frau vom MeerGermany1st October 2004Director
Die WildenteBertolt-Brecht-Platz 1, Berlin, Germany13th May 2004Director
Die Frau vom MeerGermany6th February 1993Director
Die Frau vom MeerWiesbaden, Germany16th May 1991Director
Die Frau vom MeerZDF, Germany, Germany21st October 1990Director
Die Frau vom MeerSchaperstr. 24, Berlin, Germany19th May 1990Director
Die Frau vom MeerZDF, Germany, Germany21st January 1990Director
Die Frau vom Meer (The Lady from the Sea)Maximilianstra├če 28, Munich, Germany18th November 1989Director
GespensterWien, Austria30th May 1989Director
GespensterSchumannstr. 13a, Berlin (Mitte), Germany18th November 1983Director
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