Contributor Thanos Kotsopoulos
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FunctionsActor, Director
Events, Date
Event NameAddressFirst DateFunctionCharacter
Ta palikaria sto ChelgkelantGreece30th November 1979ActorÖrnulf of the Fjords
VrykolakesAthens, Greece9th December 1965ActorPastor Manders
Ta palikaria sto ChelgkelantGreece5th April 1965ActorÖrnulf of the Fjords
To spiti tis kouklas (Nora)Athens, Greece3rd December 1964ActorTorvald Helmer
VrykolakesGreece25th August 1963ActorPastor Manders
VrykolakesGreece28th November 1962ActorPastor Manders
RosmerscholmAthens, Greece8th March 1962ActorJohannes Rosmer
VrykolakesGreece19th June 1960ActorPastor Manders
VrykolakesAthens, Greece2nd March 1960ActorPastor Manders
Enta GkamplerAthens, Greece28th November 1957ActorEjlert Lövborg
I giorti sto SolchaougkGreece8th July 1953Actor
Oi mnistires tou thronouAthens, Greece2nd November 1945ActorHaakon Haakonsson
Vrykolakes4 Amerikis Street, Athens, Greece18th May 1938Director
Enta GkamplerAthens, Greece31st July 1930ActorEjlert Lövborg
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