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Events, Date
Event NameAddressFirst DateFunctionCharacter
Hedda Gabler11-12 Beaumont Street, Oxford, England29th March 2010ActorBerte
Hedda GablerNottingham, England22nd March 2010ActorBerte
Hedda GablerThe Green, Richmond, England15th March 2010ActorBerte
Hedda GablerNew Rd, Brighton, England8th March 2010ActorBerte
Hedda GablerSawclose, Bath, England23rd February 2010ActorBerte
Hedda GablerNational Theatre, Upper Ground, Southbank, London, England2nd February 1989ActorBerte
The Wild DuckNational Theatre, Upper Ground, Southbank, London, England13th December 1979ActorHired servant
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