Contributor Hal Cropp
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Other NamesHarold N. Cropp
FunctionsActor, Director
Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
93344The League of YouthCommonweal Theatre8th April 2016Director
88646The Master BuilderCommonweal Theatre16th April 2015Actor
84908BrandCommonweal Theatre4th November 2014Director
85844A Doll's HouseCommonweal Theatre11th April 2013Director
85850A Doll's HouseStoughton Opera House6th April 2013Director
85849A Doll's HouseT.B. Sheldon Performing Arts Theatre23rd March 2013Director
85848A Doll's HouseShattuck-St. Mary's21st March 2013Director
85847A Doll's HouseChalberg Theatre, Central Lakes College16th March 2013Director
85846A Doll's HouseThe Reif Center15th March 2013Director
85845A Doll's HouseNorthland Community & Technical College14th March 2013Director
93875Pillars of SocietyCommonweal Theatre6th April 2012Director
93091John Gabriel BorkmanCommonweal Theatre9th April 2010Actor
92714Hedda GablerCommonweal Theatre16th April 2009Actor
92721Hedda GablerPlaywrights' Center11th April 2009Actor
92720Hedda GablerStoughton Opera House9th April 2009Actor
92719Hedda GablerChalberg Theatre, Central Lakes College7th April 2009Actor
92718Hedda GablerThe Reif Center6th April 2009Actor
92717Hedda GablerT.B. Sheldon Performing Arts Theatre4th April 2009Actor
92716Hedda GablerFergus Falls Center for the Arts2nd April 2009Actor
92715Hedda GablerShattuck-St. Mary's1st April 2009Actor
92713Hedda GablerGantner Concert Hall, University of Wisconsin31st March 2009Actor
92304Peer GyntCommonweal Theatre18th April 2008Director
91156GhostsTyrone Guthrie Theater9th May 2007Director
91155GhostsFergus Falls Center for the Arts6th May 2007Director
91154GhostsSt. Mane Theatre23rd February 2007Director
87899The Wild DuckFergus Falls Center for the Arts16th April 2005Director
87900The Wild DuckSheldon Theatre15th April 2005Director
87898The Wild DuckThe Reif Center13th April 2005Director
87897The Wild DuckSt. Mane Theatre5th February 2005Director
Contributor Identifier460092
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