Contributor Margarita Melberg
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Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
98892Η ΚΥΡΑ ΤΗΣ ΘΑΛΑΣΣΑΣ (The Lady from the Sea)Evis Gavrielides Auditorium22nd December 2017Translator
98891Η ΚΥΡΑ ΤΗΣ ΘΑΛΑΣΣΑΣ (The Lady from the Sea)Larnaca Municipal Theatre11th November 2017Translator
84283I kyria apo ti thalassa (The lady from the sea / Η κυρία από τη θάλασσα)Nationaltheatret Hovedscenen4th September 2010Translator
84282I kyra tis thalassas (Lady Inger / Η Κυρία Ίνγκερ από το Έστροτ)Dimotiko Theatro Apollon (Municipal Theater of Apollo / Δημοτικό Θέατρο Απόλλων)19th February 2010Translator
92576Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)Theatro To scholeion (Xoros B’)27th July 2008Translator
91784Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)Theatro Amalia (Theater Amalia / Θέατρο Αμαλία)14th November 2006Translator
90321Vrykolakes (Ghosts / Βρυκόλακες)Aplo Theatro (Simple Theatre / Απλό Θέατρο)10th December 2004Translator
88832Enta Gkampler (Hedda Gabler / Έντα Γκάμπλερ)Dimotiko Theatre Lefkosias12th November 2004Translator
89998Enta Gkampler (Hedda Gabler / Έντα Γκάμπλερ)Studio "Protes Yles"28th January 2004Translator
89997Enta Gkampler (Hedda Gabler / Έντα Γκάμπλερ)Theatro Katerinas Vasilakou (Katerina Vasilakou Theatre / Θέατρο Κατερίνα Βασιλάκου)8th September 2003Translator
87004Enta Gkampler (Hedda Gabler / Έντα Γκάμπλερ)Theatro Amore (Amore Theater / θέατρο Αμόρε)16th March 1994Translator
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