Contributor Nikolaos Rozan
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Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
85243To spiti tis kouklas (A Doll's House / Το σπίτι της κούκλας)Dimotiko Theatro Apollon (Municipal Theater of Apollo / Δημοτικό Θέατρο Απόλλων)13th January 1944Actor
83764I kyra tis thalassas (Lady Inger / Η Κυρία Ίνγκερ από το Έστροτ)Dimotiko Theatro Apollon (Municipal Theater of Apollo / Δημοτικό Θέατρο Απόλλων)15th March 1928Actor
83180Enta Gkampler (Hedda Gabler / Έντα Γκάμπλερ)Theatro Kotopouli (Kotopoulis Theatre / Θέατρο Κοτοπούλη)30th September 1921Actor
82945NoraTheatro Sporting Club16th May 1920Actor
82958I agriopapia (The Wild Duck / Η αγριόπαπια)Theatro Kyvelis8th July 1915Actor
82957Enta Gkampler (Hedda Gabler / Έντα Γκάμπλερ)Theatro Kyvelis29th June 1915Actor
82942Nora (Νόρα)Theatro Kyvelis13th April 1915Actor
82943Nora (Νόρα)Theatro Paradeisos (θέατρο Παράδεισος)August 1918Actor
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