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Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameAddressFirst DateFunctionCharacter
82106Kongsemnerne (opplesning)Bergenhus Festning, Bergen, Norway9th May 2006ActorHaakon Haakonsson
82103Hærmennene på Helgeland (opplesning)Bergenhus Festning, Bergen, Norway2nd May 2006ActorSigurd the Strong
82098Fru Inger til Østråt (opplesning)Bergenhus Festning, Bergen, Norway25th April 2006ActorNils Lykke
82094Gildet på Solhaug (opplesning)Bergenhus Festning, Bergen, Norway28th March 2006ActorBengt Gauteson
82048Catilina (opplesning)Bergenhus Festning, Bergen, Norway14th February 2006ActorCatiline
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