Contributor Jan Sælid
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Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
100982Peer GyntHamar20th February 2021Actor
100981Peer GyntLillehammer18th February 2021Actor
100980Peer GyntÅl kulturhus14th February 2021Actor
100979Peer GyntKulturhuset Fagernes12th February 2021Actor
100977Peer GyntElverum kulturhus10th February 2021Actor
100976Peer GyntGjøvik Kultursenter7th February 2021Actor
100975Peer GyntTynset Kulturhus5th February 2021Actor
100628Peer GyntKulturhuset Bølgen11th November 2020Actor
100627Peer GyntUllensaker Kulturhus9th November 2020Actor
100626Peer GyntDrammens Teater8th November 2020Actor
100625Peer GyntBrygga kultursal7th November 2020Actor
100624Peer GyntMaihaugsalen5th November 2020Actor
100623Peer GyntAskim Kulturhus3rd November 2020Actor
100622Peer GyntHjertnes Kulturhus2nd November 2020Actor
100621Peer GyntBakkenteigen Kulturhus1st November 2020Actor
100620Peer GyntOrkdal Kulturhus29th October 2020Actor
100619Peer GyntKimen kulturhus27th October 2020Actor
100618Peer GyntAulaen i Verdal26th October 2020Actor
100617Peer GyntNamsos Kulturhus24th October 2020Actor
100616Peer GyntNærøy Kulturhus23rd October 2020Actor
100614Peer GyntKulturbadet19th October 2020Actor
100613Peer GyntHarstad Kulturhus15th October 2020Actor
100612Peer GyntHurtigrutens Hus13th October 2020Actor
100611Peer GyntStoremolla, Lofoten Kulturhus12th October 2020Actor
100610Peer GyntStormen konserthus11th October 2020Actor
100586Peer GyntBjørnsonhuset21st September 2020Actor
100585Peer GyntParken kulturhus20th September 2020Actor
100584Peer GyntTrivselshagen18th September 2020Actor
100576Peer GyntFlora Samfunnshus17th September 2020Actor
100575Peer GyntFørdehuset16th September 2020Actor
100574Peer GyntSogndal Kulturhus15th September 2020Actor
100573Peer GyntOseana Kunst & Kultursenter13th September 2020Actor
100572Peer GyntStord Kulturhuset12th September 2020Actor
100571Peer GyntBømlo Kulturhus11th September 2020Actor
100570Peer GyntFestiviteten Haugesund Teater & Konserthus10th September 2020Actor
100569Peer GyntSandnes Kulturhus8th September 2020Actor
100568Peer GyntEgersund Kulturhus7th September 2020Actor
100567Peer GyntBuen Kulturhus6th September 2020Actor
100566Peer GyntLyngdal kulturhus4th September 2020Actor
100565Peer GyntGrimstad Kulturhus3rd September 2020Actor
100564Peer GyntArendal Kulturhus (Store Torungen)2nd September 2020Actor
100563Peer GyntIbsenhuset1st September 2020Actor
100562Peer GyntHamar Kulturhus30th August 2020Actor
100560Peer GyntRiksteatret i Nydalen22nd August 2020Actor
100853Peer GyntRiksteatret i Nydalen22nd August 2020Actor
100972Peer GyntRiksteatret i Nydalen22nd August 2020Actor
100973Peer GyntRiksteatret i Nydalen22nd August 2020Actor
100974Peer GyntRiksteatret i Nydalen22nd August 2020Actor
100978Peer GyntRådhusteatret22nd August 2020Actor
99530Peer GyntFriluftsscenen ved Gålåvatnet3rd August 2018Actor
99365Hedda GablerWesterdals Oslo ACT (Campus Fjerdingen)30th May 2018Adaptation
96672Peer GyntFriluftsscenen ved Gålåvatnet4th August 2017Actor
94082BorkmanNationaltheatret Amfiscenen13th August 2016Actor
82322Minshū no teki (An Enemy of the People / 民衆の敵)A uru su potto (Owl Spot / あうるすぽっと)17th November 2010Actor
82321En folkefiendeAl Kasaba Theatre (masrah wasinamatuk alqasaba / مسرح وسينماتك القصبة)11th June 2009Actor
82320En folkefiendeTe'atron ha-Kameri shel Tel-Aviv (Cameri Theatre)8th June 2009Actor
82319En folkefiendeNationaltheatret3rd September 2008Actor
81732Byggmester SolnessNRK P2 (Norge)31st August 2003Actor
81498Lille Eyolf & CoNationaltheatret Torshovteatret3rd September 1998Actor
81332KongsemnerneNationaltheatret30th August 1996Actor
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