Contributor Torgeir Fonnlid
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Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
90391Peer GyntBrooklyn Academy of Music11th April 2006Actor
90390Peer GyntDen Nationale Scene25th May 2005Actor
81826Peer GyntDet Norske Teatret19th February 2005Actor
81324Ein FolkefiendeDet Norske Teatret25th November 1995Actor
89584KongsemnerneDet Norske Teatret7th April 1989Actor
86218Keisar og galilearDet Norske Teatret19th September 1987Actor
84803En folkefiendeDet Norske Teatret (i Stortingsgata)13th November 1973Actor
97345Peer GyntDet Norske Teatret (i Stortingsgata)30th September 1971Actor
83889Peer GyntVelferdshuset1st April 1971Actor
83888Peer GyntElverum kulturhus30th March 1971Actor
83887Peer GyntSamfunnshuset29th March 1971Actor
83886Peer GyntSamfunnshuset Alvdal28th March 1971Actor
83885Peer GyntSamfunnshuset26th March 1971Actor
83883Peer GyntVidarheim25th March 1971Actor
83882Peer GyntSamfunnshuset Folldal24th March 1971Actor
83880Peer GyntKomm. kino23rd March 1971Actor
83879Peer GyntGimle Samfunnshus21st March 1971Actor
83878Peer GyntKinoen Stjørdal (Stjoerdal)20th March 1971Actor
83877Peer GyntKinoen19th March 1971Actor
83876Peer GyntSamfunnshuset18th March 1971Actor
83874Peer GyntSamfunnshuset16th March 1971Actor
83873Peer GyntHemnesberget samfunnshus15th March 1971Actor
83872Peer GyntNesna lærerskole14th March 1971Actor
83871Peer GyntMidtbygda Sentralskole13th March 1971Actor
83870Peer GyntSamfunnshus11th March 1971Actor
83869Peer GyntKolvereid Samfunnshus10th March 1971Actor
83867Peer GyntSamfunnshuset9th March 1971Actor
83866Peer GyntGimle8th March 1971Actor
83865Peer GyntFestsalen6th March 1971Actor
97344Peer GyntSamfunnshuset5th March 1971Actor
83864Peer GyntBjørkvang4th March 1971Actor
83863Peer GyntTingvoll Gymnas3rd March 1971Actor
83862Peer GyntRådhuset17th February 1971Actor
83861Peer GyntFolkets Hus16th February 1971Actor
83860Peer GyntToten Folkehøgskole15th February 1971Actor
83859Peer GyntGjøvik Kinoen13th February 1971Actor
83856Peer GyntKinoen Lillehammer12th February 1971Actor
83855Peer GyntTingvang11th February 1971Actor
83851Peer GyntGeilo Samfunnshus10th February 1971Actor
83850Peer GyntGol samfunnshus9th February 1971Actor
83847Peer GyntSamfunnshuset8th February 1971Actor
83846Peer GyntFolkvang7th February 1971Actor
83845Peer GyntSamfunnshuset5th February 1971Actor
83844Peer GyntKinoen4th February 1971Actor
83843Peer GyntRaulandshuset3rd February 1971Actor
83842Peer GyntYtre Vinje Samfunnshus2nd February 1971Actor
83738Peer GyntSamfunnshuset1st February 1971Actor
83737Peer GyntGranvin Kulturhus31st January 1971Actor
83736Peer GyntTelemark gymnas29th January 1971Actor
83735Peer GyntRådhuset28th January 1971Actor
83645Peer GyntTeatret27th January 1971Actor
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