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FunctionsActor, Adaptation, Author
Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameAddressFirst DateFunctionCharacter
100982Peer GyntHamar, Norway20th February 2021Dramaturg
100981Peer GyntLillehammer, Norway18th February 2021Dramaturg
100980Peer GyntÅl kulturhus, Ål, Norway14th February 2021Dramaturg
100979Peer GyntJernbanevegen 22, Fagernes, Norway12th February 2021Dramaturg
100977Peer GyntStorgata 18, Elverum, Norway10th February 2021Dramaturg
100976Peer GyntRådhuset, Kauffeldts Plass 1, Gjøvik, Norway7th February 2021Dramaturg
100975Peer GyntTynset, Norway5th February 2021Dramaturg
100628Peer GyntLarvik, Norway11th November 2020Dramaturg
100627Peer GyntFurusethgata 12, Jessheim, Norway9th November 2020Dramaturg
100626Peer GyntØvre Storgate 12, Drammen, Norway8th November 2020Dramaturg
100625Peer GyntTollbugt. 4-6, Halden, Norway7th November 2020Dramaturg
100624Peer GyntMaihaugvegen 1, Lillehammer, Norway5th November 2020Dramaturg
100623Peer GyntP. M. Røwdes gate 6, Askim, Norway3rd November 2020Dramaturg
100622Peer GyntSandefjordsveien 3, Sandefjord, Norway2nd November 2020Dramaturg
100621Peer GyntRaveien 197, Horten, Norway1st November 2020Dramaturg
100620Peer GyntAllfarveg 7300, Orkanger, Norway29th October 2020Dramaturg
100619Peer GyntSandgata 15, Stjørdal, Norway27th October 2020Dramaturg
100618Peer GyntVerdal, Verdal, Norway26th October 2020Dramaturg
100617Peer GyntStasjonsgata 3, Namsos, Norway24th October 2020Dramaturg
100616Peer GyntKolvereid, Kolvereid, Norway23rd October 2020Dramaturg
100614Peer GyntTorolv Kveldulvsons gate 10, Sandnessjøen, Norway19th October 2020Dramaturg
100613Peer GyntHavnegata 3, Harstad, Norway15th October 2020Dramaturg
100612Peer GyntMarkedsgata 1, Stokmarknes, Norway13th October 2020Dramaturg
100611Peer GyntTorget, Svolvær, Norway12th October 2020Dramaturg
100610Peer GyntStorgata 1B, Bodø, Norway11th October 2020Dramaturg
100586Peer GyntGideonvegen 2, Molde, Norway21st September 2020Dramaturg
100585Peer GyntParkgata 3B, Ålesund, Norway20th September 2020Dramaturg
100584Peer GyntSandane, Norway18th September 2020Dramaturg
100576Peer GyntMarkegata 51, Florø, Norway17th September 2020Dramaturg
100575Peer GyntAngedalsvegen 5, Førde, Norway16th September 2020Dramaturg
100574Peer GyntHovevegen 2, Sogndal, Norway15th September 2020Dramaturg
100573Peer GyntMobergsbakken 20, Os, Norway13th September 2020Dramaturg
100572Peer GyntHamnegata 1, Stord, Norway12th September 2020Dramaturg
100571Peer GyntKulturhusvegen 20, Bremnes, Norway11th September 2020Dramaturg
100570Peer GyntKnut Knutsen Oas Gate 4, Haugesund, Norway10th September 2020Dramaturg
100569Peer GyntMauritz Kartevoldsplass 1, Sandnes, Norway8th September 2020Dramaturg
100568Peer GyntSandakergaten 6, Egersund, Norway7th September 2020Dramaturg
100567Peer GyntHavnegata 2, Mandal, Norway6th September 2020Dramaturg
100566Peer GyntGrøndokka 4, Lyngdal, Norway4th September 2020Dramaturg
100565Peer GyntStorgaten 33, Grimstad, Norway3rd September 2020Dramaturg
100564Peer GyntSam Eydes Plass 1, Arendal, Norway2nd September 2020Dramaturg
100563Peer GyntLundegata 6, Skien, Norway1st September 2020Dramaturg
100562Peer GyntTorggata 100, Hamar, Norway30th August 2020Dramaturg
100974Peer GyntGullhaug Torg 2, Oslo, Norway22nd August 2020Dramaturg
100973Peer GyntGullhaug Torg 2, Oslo, Norway22nd August 2020Dramaturg
100978Peer GyntFjellgata 2, Kongsvinger, Norway22nd August 2020Dramaturg
100560Peer GyntGullhaug Torg 2, Oslo, Norway22nd August 2020Dramaturg
100972Peer GyntGullhaug Torg 2, Oslo, Norway22nd August 2020Dramaturg
100853Peer GyntGullhaug Torg 2, Oslo, Norway22nd August 2020Dramaturg
88249En folkefiendeEngen 1, Bergen, Norway15th January 2015Adaptation
81203Super-Per2 Harbour Rd, Hong Kong, Hong Kong2nd January 1999Actor
81498Lille Eyolf & CoVogts gate 64, Oslo, Norway3rd September 1998Adaptation
81202Super-PerLeuven, Belgium4th December 1997Actor
81201Super-Per1030 Schaerbeek, Brussels, Belgium2nd December 1997Actor
81200Super-PerPlace Salvador Allende, Paris, France12th April 1996Actor
81199Super-PerThe Mall, London, England4th July 1995Actor
81198Super-PerØsterfælled Torv 37, Copenhagen, Denmark2nd November 1994Actor
81197Super-PerAmsterdam, Netherlands28th July 1994Actor
81196Super-PerDaimlerstraße 32, Frankfurt, Germany3rd June 1994Actor
81195Super-PerTromsø, Norway24th March 1994Actor
81194Super-PerTromsø, Norway23rd March 1994Actor
81193Super-PerTromsø, Norway22nd March 1994Actor
81192Super-PerTrondenes, Harstad, Norway21st March 1994Actor
81191Super-PerStamsund, Norway20th March 1994Actor
81190Super-PerNordland, Kabelvåg, Norway19th March 1994Actor
81189Super-PerMoloveien 10, Bodø, Norway18th March 1994Actor
81188Super-PerGeorgernes Verft 12, Bergen, Norway16th March 1994Actor
81187Super-PerEnga 3, Oslo, Norway12th March 1994Actor
81179Peer, du lügst. Ja! Versie 5: Peer Gynt opens an Institute for happiness research.Antwerp, Antwerpen, Belgium9th November 1993Actor
81161Peer, du lügst. Ja! III. Fassung: In 1997 Hong Kong will be incorporated into China.Seestrasse 395, Zürich, Switzerland31st August 1993Actor
81151Peer, du lyver. Ja! - Møte med Bøygen.Strandgaten 205, Bergen, Norway6th May 1993Actor
86456Når vi døde våknerCalle San Agustín, Malaga, Spain24th July 1991Author
86455Når vi døde våknerVukovarska 68, Zagreb, Croatia1st July 1991Author
86453Når vi døde våknerKeizersgracht 324, Amsterdam, Netherlands10th March 1991Author
86450Når vi døde våknerBjørn Bjørnstadsvei 1, Jeløy, Norway20th October 1990Author
86449Når vi døde våknerHerredsveien 2, Sagstua, Norway20th October 1990Author
86452Når vi døde våknerPariser Platz 4, Berlin, Germany20th October 1990Author
86448Når vi døde våknerOude Graanmarkt 5, Brussels, Switzerland16th September 1990Author
86446Når vi døde våknerHardturmstrasse 116, Zürich, Switzerland2nd September 1990Author
86445Når vi døde våknerBogstadveien 49, Oslo, Norway29th August 1990Author
86444Når vi døde våknerGeorgernes Verft 12, Bergen, Norway24th May 1990Author
86442Når vi døde våknerEgersund, Norway10th May 1990Author
86441Når vi døde våknerSandnes, Norway9th May 1990Author
86440Når vi døde våknerLøkkeveien 24, Stavanger, Norway8th May 1990Author
86439Når vi døde våknerSverresgate 1, Bergen, Norway8th February 1990Author
86433Når vi døde våknerGldani-Nadzaladevi, Tbilisi, Georgia11th January 1990Author
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