Contributor Tone Avenstroup
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FunctionsActor, Director, Dramaturg
Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
81203Super-PerHong Kong Arts Centre2nd January 1999Actor
81202Super-PerLeuven4th December 1997Actor
81201Super-PerTheatre 1402nd December 1997Actor
81200Super-PerMaison des Arts de Creteil12th April 1996Actor
81199Super-PerInstitute of Contemporary Arts (ICA)4th July 1995Actor
81198Super-PerKanonhallen2nd November 1994Actor
81197Super-PerTrippel X28th July 1994Actor
81196Super-PerTAT-Probebühne3rd June 1994Actor
81195Super-PerM/S Vesterålen24th March 1994Actor
81194Super-PerUngdommens hus23rd March 1994Actor
81193Super-PerM/S Ragnvald Jarl22nd March 1994Actor
81192Super-PerTrondenes fort21st March 1994Actor
81191Super-PerGimle20th March 1994Actor
81190Super-PerArbeideren19th March 1994Actor
81189Super-PerBodø Kunstforening18th March 1994Actor
81188Super-PerUSF Verftet16th March 1994Actor
81187Super-PerMusikkteatret, Vestbanen12th March 1994Actor
81179Peer, du lügst. Ja! Versie 5: Peer Gynt opens an Institute for happiness research.Goederenstation Zuid9th November 1993Actor
81166Peer, du lügst. Ja! IV. Fassung: Seit letzte Eiszeit.TAT-Probebühne7th October 1993Actor
81165Peer, du lügst. Ja! IV. Fassung: Seit letzte Eiszeit.Hebbel Theater1st October 1993Actor
81161Peer, du lügst. Ja! III. Fassung: In 1997 Hong Kong will be incorporated into China.Rote Fabrik31st August 1993Actor
81151Peer, du lyver. Ja! - Møte med Bøygen.Teatergarasjen6th May 1993Actor
86456Når vi døde våknerClaustro de San Augustin24th July 1991Director
86455Når vi døde våknerCEKAO Zagreb1st July 1991Director
86453Når vi døde våknerFelix Meritis10th March 1991Director
86449Når vi døde våknerKulturhuset Milepelen20th October 1990Director
86450Når vi døde våknerGalleri F 1520th October 1990Director
86452Når vi døde våknerAkademie der Künste20th October 1990Director
86448Når vi døde våknerDe Markten16th September 1990Director
86446Når vi døde våknerTheater Westend2nd September 1990Director
86445Når vi døde våknerScenehuset29th August 1990Director
86444Når vi døde våknerUSF Verftet24th May 1990Director
86442Når vi døde våknerDalane videregående skole10th May 1990Director
86441Når vi døde våknerSykkelfabrikken9th May 1990Director
86440Når vi døde våknerFolken8th May 1990Director
86439Når vi døde våknerIOGT-huset8th February 1990Director
86433Når vi døde våknerTeater Druzhba11th January 1990Director
86503ALT - etter Henrik Ibsens “Brand”Solheimsviken Verft8th October 1988Director
86502ALT - etter Henrik Ibsens “Brand”Nordre Teater27th April 1988Director
86501ALT - etter Henrik Ibsens “Brand”Røkeriet USF15th April 1988Director
97966Gjengangere på verftetUSF Verftet28th March 1985Director
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