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Events, Date
EVENTIDEvent NameVENUEFirst DateFunctionCharacter
80512RosmersholmHollis Street Theatre7th May 1906ActorRebecca West
92466Hedda GablerNew Montauk Theatre3rd May 1906ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
92465Hedda GablerLyceum Theatre18th April 1906ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
92464RosmersholmLyceum Theatre18th April 1906Actor
92463Hedda GablerDetroit Theatre7th April 1906ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
92462Hedda GablerMacdonough Theatre7th February 1906ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
92456Hedda GablerGrand Opera House3rd January 1906ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
99723Hedda GablerHer Majesty's Theatre22nd August 1905ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
80417Hedda GablerDaly's Theatre24th November 1904ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
92442Lady Inger of OestratColonial Theatre26th February 1904ActorInger Ottisdaughter
92441Hedda GablerTremont Theatre26th January 1904ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
80365Hedda GablerColumbia Theatre15th January 1904ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
92433Hedda GablerCalifornia Theatre5th July 1903ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
92432Hedda GablerThe Metropolitan27th May 1903ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
92431Hedda GablerOlympic Theatre9th May 1903ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
92430Hedda GablerWillis Wood2nd May 1903ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
92423Hedda GablerBroadway Theatre2nd April 1903ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
92421Hedda GablerSpokane Theatre26th March 1903ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
92420Lady Inger of Oestrat (Lady Inger)Grand Opera House12th February 1903Actor
92422Hedda GablerGrand Opera House5th February 1903ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
99721Hedda GablerHer Majesty's Theatre1st November 1900ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
99722Hedda GablerTheatre Royal26th September 1900ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
100664Hedda GablerUnited States1917ActorMrs. Hedda Tesman
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