Contributor Robert Farquharson
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Events, Date
Event NameAddressFirst DateFunctionCharacter
RosmersholmLittle Queen Street, London, England30th September 1926ActorUlrik Brendel
A Doll's HouseSmithy Street, Manchester, England28th April 1904ActorDr. Rank
A Doll's HouseNew Cross, Lewisham, London, England26th May 1900ActorDr. Rank
The League of YouthThe Strand, London, England25th February 1900ActorBastian Monsen
A Doll's HouseQueen's Road, Hastings, England25th July 1898ActorDr. Rank
A Doll's HouseBiggin Street, Dover, England6th September 1897ActorDr. Rank
A Doll's HouseAlbert Road, Bournemouth, England30th August 1897ActorDr. Rank
A Doll's HouseSeagate, Dundee, Scotland2nd August 1897ActorDr. Rank
The Wild DuckLondon, England17th May 1897ActorA balding gentleman
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